Art, Media & Event-Related Fundraising Experience


What Will My Child Do After High School? Webinar with May Special needs Project. January, 2019.

Affect Autism Interview on Connection Coder App fall 2018.

Cover design for Child Medication Fact Book for Psychiatric Practice. Feder, J., Tien, E., Jutras, J. Carlat, D.: October 2018. Carlat Publishing.


Logo design for Connection Coder App (iTunes):  SymPlay LLC/ Quicksilver Software


Audience Participation Graphic Mediated Note Taking to facilitate adult education in the workshop: Lessons from War Zones: Supporting Children and Families Impacted by Trauma. We Can’t Wait Early Childhood Mental health Conference, San Diego, CA. September 2018


Graphic Medicine Presentation – Sorting out Suicide and Panel Chair: Death Dying and Comics . Graphic Medicine Conference. August 2018 (planned). With Marissa Moss, MK Czerweiz et. al. August 2018 (planned).


Dhamma and Development: Buddhist Thought as a Framework for Intervention. Web Interview and Blog with Daria Brown of Affect Autism. July 2018 (planned).


Three Session Graphic Based Parent Training for the Media Initiative for Children Toddler Module Social Transformation Grant. Fielding Graduate University Departments of Infant and Early Childhood Development and Media Psychology, in Collaboration with The Early Years the Organisation for Young Children in Northern Ireland. Development of training for caregivers (parents and teachers) of toddlers impacted by armed conflict to improve regulation and resilience. Concept 2012 – 2015. Module development 2015 – present; STG Grant 2017 – present. Pilot planned spring 2019, for later global roll out in the International network for Peace Building with Young Children.


Enjoying Your Literature Review. Graphic Tutorial for PhD Candidates. Fielding graduate Phd University Infant and Early Childhood Development Research Incubator. Spring, 2018.


Resilience on Campus. A Three Session Graphic Training for High School Students Preparing for College. San Diego. Spring, 2018.


Resilience Through Relationships. Logo Design for this Pay it Forward Organization providing free support to communities impacted by armed conflict to help children grow up to be more resilient and able to problem solve. Spring, 2018.


Autism and Medication. Web Interview and Blog with Daria Brown of Affect Autism.
April, 2018.


We must start early to prevent shootings San Diego Union Tribune March 19, 2018 letter to the editor on mass shootings.


Repetition in Autism Therapy – A Closer Look. Web Interview and Blog with Daria Brown of Affect Autism.
December, 2017.


September, 2017. (planned)
The 3 P’s: Management of Suicidal Thinking. Submission for Graphic Truths project depicting experiences of medical training. Graphic Medicine.


Submitted for publication September, 2017
Bodies/Borders in Jewish Women’s Comics: Graphic presentation of interview with Marissa Moss and her book Last Things.


August 2017
Grant Rants: Graphic based presentation. Guidance for Grant Proposals: National Foundation for Autism Research.



December 2016
Collateral Data: Submission for Graphic Truths project depicting experiences of medical training. Graphic Medicine.


October 2016
Autism Is: Teaching Tolerance of Difference in Schools. Media Presentations and Discussions at University of Southern California, and KIDA Educational Foundation, Irvine, California.


December 2016
Developmental Approaches to Autism Treatment. Al Cole Show, CBS Radio Network.


BRIDGE Collaborative Early Intervention Project Video.


October 2016
Behind Chocolate Bars – a novel by Kathy Aherns. Subject Expert on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


September 2016
International Committee for the Red Cross, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Media interview on developing support for lay community leaders in the midst of continuing regional conflict.


March 2016
Voice of America Radio Interview on Developmental Approaches to Autism Treatment, San Diego, CA.


March 2016
Embedding developmental Principles into Videogame Technology.Video Introduction, Profectum International Conference. Pasadena, CA.


Participant Voter – 2016 Eisner Awards


August, 2015
Kim, Tearful: A Graphic Novella of Developmental Intervention.


July, 2015
PBS Interview for Hiding In Plain Sight: Autism Research Unmasks Gender Disparities. Hopkins, Madison.


December, 2014
Overview of the Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship based Approach to Intervention. Pacific Height Academy Fundraiser, Carlsbad, CA.


August, 2014
Love & Potions: Supporting Relationships with Pharmacotherapy. Graphic Novella and talk. At Love & Autism, A Conference with Heart. San Diego, California.


May, 2014
ESPN Radio interview on Autism and Divorce


2011 – 2013
DIR/Floortime Coalition of California Annual Gala EmCee and Auctioneer. Tripled fundraising over three seasons.


Summer – Fall, 2013
Pharmacologic Treatment in Autism Spectrum Disorder. College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Western University for the Health Sciences, Faculty for Autism Collaboration and Education (FACE). Autism Intersection video webcast for The Autism Channel. Pomona California.


Spring – summer 2013
Website redesigns for,, and Home-ec. With Doug Klesch and Gate City Web Things.


July, 2013
Graphic drawings for several medical presentations, in loose pecha kucha style, multiple presentations. For examples see recent talks e.g., for NFAR and ICC on revised site.


May, 2013
RDI & DIR: Developing Relationships. Video with Brooke Wagner.


May, 2013
Night of 2 Shorts. Presentation of El Abuelo and With Me along with another short film on autism, all from Drama House Productions. Moderated panel discussion. La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA, January, 2013 and First United Methodist Church Chula Vista, CA.


March 2013
Friendship Circle video appearance.


Fall 2012 – Spring 2013
BRIDGE Collaborative: graphic design for teaching icons to be used in parent manual for intervention with young children at risk for disorders of relating and communicating.


February 2013
Intersubjectivity in DIR and RDI. Video with Brooke Wagner available on Youtube.


December 2012
SymPlay LLC Kickstarter Video. Video Appearance. Fall 2012.
Comparing and contracsting DIR-RDI video with Brooke Wagner made available on Youtube.


November 18, 2012
ICDL Annual Conference Advocacy Fundraiser, emcee. Montclaire, NJ.


October, 2012
DIR/Floortime Coalition of California First Annual Conference, emcee, moderator, and gala auctioneer. Burbank, CA.


October, 2012
Showcase Features: Embedding Developmental Principles in Media: Children’s Books, Preschool Music, Kids’ Television, Video Games, and Prime Time. DIR/Floortime Coalition of California 2nd Annual Fall Conference. Burbank, CA.


June 2012
With Me. A Film by Claudia Metcalfe. Script Consultant.


February, 2012
El Abuelo – Advisor/ Story Consultant on script and directing regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders, Educational research project – Film written by Stephen Metcalfe and directed by Steven Crutchfield. Filming April, 2011. Released October 2011. Presentations at annual ICDL International Conference November, 2011, Bethesda, MD. National Association for Autism Research Men’s Group, San Diego, CV .


February, 2012
Depression and Autism. Webinar for Autism College.


February, 2012
DIR/Floortime Regional Training Program, emcee, moderator, and fund raising. Pasadena, CA.


2007, 2011
Circlestretch, graphic logo modification and design.


October, 2011
DIR/Floortime Coalition of California First Annual Conference, emcee, moderator, and gala auctioneer. Burbank, CA.


August 2011
Early Intervention is Best. Interviewed for article in The San Diego Jewish Journal.


August, 2011
The Advocate For Autism film interview at Moms Fighting Autism, Ride for Autism Event. Melinda Donovan, Executive Producer. San Marcos, CA.


July 2011
Cherry Crisp Entertainment and Productions: logo design. San Diego, California.


July 23-24 2011
SymPlay Games for Autism marketing event. Gaslamp District, San Diego, CA. (during Comi-Con).


SymPlay LLC Family Games for Autism: Graphic art including logo design and T-shirt design for Comi-Con San Diego 2011.


May, 2011
How do we decide what to do for our children? Webinar for


April, 2011
Medications for Autism: Webinar for Autism College with Chantal Sicile Kira and Temple Grandin. momsfightingautism.Com


April, 2011
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Medication and Behavior Modification: professional on camera webcasts for San Diego, California.


2008 – 2010
President, Board of Directors, Stella Nova Dance Company. Non-Profit professional youth dance company promoting leadership and understanding of the human condition and earth consciousness.


What IQ Tests Really Tell Us About Children with Autism, by Chantal Sicile-Kira, highlights recommendations of Dr. Feder.Published on Psychology Today (


April 10, 2010
The Magic of Ideas: Using DIR/Floortime to help people with Autism Spectrum and Developmental and Learning Disorders use Symbolic and Logical Thinking to Step Away From and Solve Moment to Moment Social Problems in Everyday Life, Leading to Better Communicating, Relating, and Learning. webinar Things to Know About Autism With Dr. Temple Grandin and Chantal Sicile-Kira.
Broadcast from the ICDL Southern California DIR/Floortime Institute. Pasadena, California.


February, 2009
DIR at Home and School – international webinar for


January 2009
DIR/Floortime: Becoming More Matthew. In The Autism File, issue 30.


2007 – 2009
Vine Engineering and Design: Logo development.


1998 to 2001
Ask the Professional – regular contributor to the newsletter of the San
Diego Chapter of the Autism Society of America.


February, 2001
Talking to Kids About School Violence: Interview for KGTV Channel 10 news segment.


July, 2000
Risks and Benefits of Untested Treatments for Autism – Interview for KGTV Channel 10 news segment.


June, 1999
Never Say No: Behavior Management for Toddlers – Interview for Parenting Magazine.


Spring, 1999
Guess Who’s Coming to Math Class? – Interview for St Louis weekend magazine.


October, 1998
Bully-Proof Your Child – KUSI Channel 9 television morning news.


September, 1998
Is Your Child Settling into the New School Year? – KUSI Channel 9 television morning news segment.


Fall 1997 – Spring 1998
HOUSE CALLS and CHILD TALK, with Dr Josh Feder. Program Development with KOGO/KSDO Radio, San Diego, California.


October, 1997
Arson: Why People Start Fires – KNSD Channel 7/39 television segment.


June, 1997
Designer Clothing for Children and Adolescents? – KNSD Channel 7/39 television segment.


June, 1997
Bipolar Illness and Substance Abuse in Children and Young Adults -Behavioral Health.


June, 1997
Media Training for Physicians – q.d. Communications.


March, 1997
Mass Suicide, the Community Impact – KNSD Channel 7/39 television segment.


November, 1996
Videogames and Violence: Is There a Risk? – KNSD Channel 7/39 television segment.


September, 1996
Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults – STAR 100.7 FM radio interview.


August, 1996
Children Who Murder – KNSD Channel 7/39 television segment.


August, 1996
Screening for Autism and Other Pervasive Development Disorders – Behavioral Health.


1979 – 1982
Graphic Artist, department of Mathematics, Boston University, Center for Adaptive Systems.

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