Drawing Together July 2022: Simple ways to work on hard problems

The Drawing Together community convened again on Sunday, July 31. Our session was led by Josh Feder and his three-year old sheepdog, Charlie. Here's the link!



Josh and Charlie are a family psychiatry team from San Diego California with a focus on autism in the US and on trauma internationally. Their cartoon-based approach to helping children impacted by armed conflict is currently scaling up across Northern Ireland with pilot projects in the Middle East and the Balkan regions. Josh spoke at the Vermont Graphic Medicine conference on Sorting out Suicide and he’s the managing editor of the upcoming book Graphic Truths which captures the experiences of doctors in training and practice.

Josh and Charlie guided us in managing difficult situations through the use of comics. Josh started our session by telling us a little about his work, and his graphic medicine origin story. He described the elements of his drawing style, and explained why each particular element is relevant to its therapeutic goals. He then walks us through two activities, one where we generate a bunch of ideas about things we'd like to change and another where we take one of those ideas and show how we can do something to make that change. 


Joshua Feder, M.D. Dr. Feder's Blog

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