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CTC Teach Supervisor Reflection


Teacher Supervision Reflection Questions



Name:_________________________   Date:_______________________________


How does this presentation build off past recommended actions?


How was instruction differentiated for the different levels of students and individual IEP goals?  How were individual IEP goals targeted? 


Note the modifications for the students who needed them (e.g., Visuals, modified steps to a lesson, FC or access to augmentative device for lessons) 


How is this lesson connected to the students’ past knowledge/How does it build on prior knowledge, skills?:


How is the lesson meaningful to the students?  How does it incorporate their passions?:


In the video, when do you see emotional connections being made?  The light bulb lighting up?  That “Ah Ha” moment :


In the video, where do you see “Moments of “Discovery” on the part of the students?:


How were visuals used to support comprehension?


How was vocabulary reinforced?:


How were visual spatial principles incorporated?:


Discuss the multi-sensory aspects of the lesson:


Did you work with any other disciplines when planning this lesson?


What resources were used to plan this lesson?


What peer opportunities were provided? :


How did you assess comprehension?:


What other assessment did you do?


How will this Support Future Concepts/Learning?


Comment on your ability to using the right pacing and affect, read the cues of the students, maintain regulation and engagement in the group, etc.:




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